Welcome to Hell!

As part of an ongoing quest to source the finest beers, wines and spirits, I'm extremely pleased that The White Swan is now offering what many are currently calling the finest lager in the world, ABK Hell "Das Bleu", brewed by Aktienbrauerei in Kaufbeuren, Bavaria.


"Helles" or "Hell" translates from German to English as "light", (pale or bright), and is associated with beers from Bavaria in Southern Germany, most notably Munich. In the UK Hell/Helles beers would simply be called 'lager' - the German word for 'store'. To 'lager' a beer essentially means to store it, and a fine German beer will commonly be stored at a cold temperature for 90 days so that yeast slowly produces carbon dioxide which is absorbed into the beer to create a natural carbonisation which is gentler and softer on the palate than some artificially carbonated versions.