Calling all wine lovers

The date is set for the White Swan Wine Club tasting thing:
Friday Dec 15, probably about 7pm

The full list of wines is available online: here. If you are logged-in, you should see a row of stars that you can use to indicate your interest for each wine.

I'm aiming to order enough so that everyone can try a bit of everything, but as some are a bit pricey, I'd like to avoid over-ordering if I can.

It looks like I'll need to charge around £25 a head to cover the cost of the complete list*, depending on how many people want to come. If more than 20 people sign up, I'll order multiples of the wines of most interest, and might have to drop one or two that have attracted less interest.

If you fancy coming, please log-in: here and then register for the event on the events page.

*I'm not adding any mark-up - we're all sharing the trade cost, including discount.