Summer at The Swan
Most items available Thursday to Sunday

For the hungry

Fresh Fish & Chips £ 9.50
A large haddock or cod, deep-fried in home-made beer batter. Served with chunky, triple cooked chips, mushy peas & tartare sauce test

Quesadilla £ 8.50
Two large flour tortillas filled with cheese, spring onions and jalapenos. Toasted then topped with salsa, spring onions, crème fraiche and jalapenos, and served with a little guacamole.

Spicy Southern fried chicken and chips £ 8.50
Chicken goujons in a spicy buttermilk marinate and deep fried

Ham/Gammon, Eggs & chips £ 10.50
Premium ham, chunky, triple-cooked chips, with two fried eggs

Aberdeen Angus Quarter-pounder £ 9.50
A classic burger made with traditionally reared premium beef. Exceptionally tender & full of flavour.

Landlord special: home-made, hand-made pizza £ 10.50
A freshly made 12"+ pizza topped with tomato, mozzerella, red onion, bell pepper, dry-cured ham, fresh jalapeños, mature cheddar and a drizzle of Sriracha

Rib-eye steak with chunky, triple-cooked chips £ 21.50
Served with a choice of peppercorn, creamy mushroom or blue cheese sauce

Small size, big flavours

Nachos £ 4.50
Tortilla chips covered with cheese, salsa, spring onions, jalapenos and sour cream or crème fraiche

Marinated olives £ 3.50
Purple tailladées, cracked green, small coquillos, picholines of Provence and black salt-cured, marinated in a light sea salt brine, seasoned with thyme and aged red wine vinegar.

Cheesy Chips £ 4.00
Chunky, triple-cooked chips smothered in melted mature cheddar

Bread, oil & balsamic £ 3.00
Home-made bread, extra virgin olive oil, balsamic vinegar and Malden sea salt

Veggieflette £ 8.80
A quirky, vegetarian twist on the Alpine classic. Layers of chunky, triple-cooked chips and creamy mushrooms and onions, topped with Reblochon cheese