Food today

Sunday extras

Spicy fried chicken and chips £ 7.50
Chicken goujons in a spicy buttermilk marinate and deep fried

Tuscany beef £ 7.50
Irish shin beef, simmered in red wine and rosemary for 8 hours. Served with seeded bread.

Tuscany beef [quesadilla] £ 5.00
A flour tortilla filled with Tuscany beef, (slow-cooked beef in red wine). Add a little cheese and some freshly sliced Jalapeño for a spicy twist.

Landlord special: home-made, hand-made pizza £ 12.50
A freshly made 12"+ pizza topped with tomato, mozzerella, red onion, bell pepper, dry-cured ham, fresh jalapeños, mature cheddar and a drizzle of Sriracha