White Swan Menu

Quesadillas £ 4 / £ 5
with chips: £ 6.50 / £ 7.50

Flour tortillas filled with flavour, served with home-made hot salsa and guacamole
The Whooper
Hot salsa, mozzarella & mature cheddar
Landlord Special
Hot salsa, dry-cured ham*, red onion, extra jalapeños, Monterey Jack cheese, mozzarella & mature cheddar
Brie Encounter
Brie, dry-cured ham*, mozzarella & mature cheddar
Veg Out
Goat's cheese, beetroot, mozzarella & mature cheddar
Hawaiian heretic
Dry-cured ham*, pineapple, mozzarella & mature cheddar
Fun Guy
Garlic mushrooms**, mozzarella & mature cheddar
Breakfast Burrito
Dry-cured ham* & scrambled egg



Chips £ 3 ~
Premium, extra chunky, gourmet triple-cooked chips
Cheesy Chips £ 3.50
Chunky, triple-cooked chips smothered in melted mature cheddar
Ultra Chips £ 4 ~
Chunky, triple-cooked chips covered in melted mature cheddar and home-made hot salsa
Marinated olives £ 3.50
Purple tailladées, cracked green, small coquillos, picholines of Provence and black salt-cured, marinated in a light sea salt brine, seasoned with thyme and aged red wine vinegar.

Sweet things

Chocolate & Vanilla ice cream £ 4 ~
Premium Madagascan vanilla and/or luxury double chocolate dairy ice cream.
Lemon & Mango Sorbet £ 4 ~
Premium lemon and mango sorbet with natural fruit juices

Tea & Coffee

Coffee £ 2.50
Made using freshly ground premium Lavazza Pienaroma Italian coffee beans.
Tea £ 2 ~
Earl Grey, English Breakfast, Darjeeling