Food at The White Swan

Home-made using premium quality ingredients from ethically accredited suppliers, usually available from 6:30pm to 9pm Thursday to Saturday, and 12:30pm to 3:30pm at weekends.

Pub classics

Fresh Fish and Chips

Direct Seafoods of Colchester deliver us fresh fish each week, which we deep-fry using home-made beer batter, and serve with chunky triple-cooked chips and mushy peas. Customers often tell us it is the best fish and chips they've ever had.

Premium, Home-pressed Burgers

Our burger mince comes from The Histon Chop Shop and is made from two different cuts of beef to produce a great balance of taste and texture. We press our burgers ourselves, and serve them with mayo, lettuce, beef tomoato, red onion, Jamón serrano ham and the obligatory slice of dill pickle, in a toasted, seeded, organic bap.

‘Genius’ Ciabatta Pizzas

made with large organic ciabattas

Sliced through the middle, large ciabattas produce a light yet crunchy pizza base, perfect with mozzarella, beef tomato and mature cheddar. The highly acclaimed 'landlord special' seems to be the most popular, particularly with those who like a little heat.

Margarita: tomato, mozzarella
Landlord special: tomato, mozzarella, red onion, peppers, jalapeños, dry-cured ham & mature cheddar

Home-made scones

Sometimes nothing beats a pot of English Breakfast tea with warm, home-made scones, strawberry jam and real Cornish clotted cream. Although the pronunciation of 'scone' and the order in which jam and cream are applied can cause some controversy.

Bar food


Savoury pancakes, freshly-made to order
Dry-cured ham & mature cheddar
Prawn cocktail & homemade Marie Rose, with iceberg lettuce & lemon juice
Creamy chicken & buttery garlic mushroom with a touch of Parmesan


Organic ciabatta with deli fillings
Caprese: Italian mozzarella, beef tomato & basil
Ham & cheese: Mature cheddar & Spanish Jamón Serrano ham
Chicken & mushroom: Creamy chicken & buttery garlic mushrooms, with a touch of Parmesan
Tuna/mayo: Tuna, mayo & sweetcorn
Beef & tomato: Thinly-sliced deli roast beef, tomato, mature cheddar, red onion & mayo

Caprese burger

Italian mozzarella, beef tomato, fresh basil & mayo in a toasted, organic, floury roll.


Marinated olives
Chunky, triple-cooked chips

Sweet things

Sweet chocolate dessert crêpe: Nutella with chocolate and/or vanilla ice-cream
Ice cream: Chocolate, vanilla, strawberry