Event: Quy Parish Council AGM
October 29, 2019

Parish Council AGMs are usually the ones where the public are encouraged/allowed to join in a bit. There's no bar, as far as I know, so if you'd like a glass of wine in the interval, you might want to pop down the road to the Swan.

Upcoming events

Freefall - Charity Night
October 19, 2019
The Purveyors of quality pop/rock are back for night of pop and presumably rock. Details, (e.g. entry fee and start time), might be available nearer the time*. *(I know - pot/kettle right?)
October 30, 2019
Day two of Quy's AGM Festival. Same place, different agenda.
Electronic Organ Society - Paul Carman
November 9, 2019
Another organ extravaganza at the Village Hall.